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Inspirational Blog Posts For May 2023

Post for 29 to 31 May

I’d like to round out the month of May with some Piano, Figure Skating News and a few book recommendations.

Learning new work, moving forwards and expanding my repertoire list is always an inspiring challenge. This moth is no exception as I have added “Snow, Moon and Flowers” by Peter Sculthorpe, however, if you are not a fan of contemporary Music, I’d not recommend Pianists learn this delightful set of pieces.

Changes of

A Park in Madrid, Span indicating a chnage of scenery

scenery were welcomed, as I’ve changed my Figure Skating day. This is both great, and not so great. Great because I get to mix with a different set of Figure Skaters, and not so great as I miss certain other people, thankfully, technology fills the void and comes to the rescue in the form of E-Mail and Messengers allowing us all to keep in touch. In terms of Figure Skating, I had enjoyable lessons and love catching up with my Rink Family’s latest achievements as they inspire me to work harder and achieve more.

Book reading wise, I am enjoying reading “Scott And Amundsen, Their Race To The South Pole - The Last Place On Earth” written by Roland Huntford.

Audio book wise I am currently listening to and can recommend “How to Grow Your Small Business”, A 6 Step Plan To Help Your Business Take Off written by Donald Miller and “Your Message Matters” by Jonathan Milligan.

This leaves me asking which one new thing will you learn this week, pass on to your family, friends and inspire them with?

Post for 22 - 28 May

Thanks for all your questions, do keep them rolling in.

Amongst other news, I’d like to tackle a question from a reader in my post this week, however, first let me ask

What are working on this week

What have you been working on?

Their question was:

“Why, Baldi have you set up a Blog?”

Short answer:

Everything is controllable and you own it for life.

Longer answer:

Should my hosting provider go out of business, as I have control of all the files, I am quickly and easily able to move providers, with minimal down time for you, my readers.

I own and am able to control all the content on my digital home, which is far more flexible in the future. Yes, I have big plans!

I own my audience and they visit only one location. “The Horse’s Mouth” is an expression which springs to mind. The same applies if I start a mailing list. In terms of a mailing list, I will be better able to point subscribers to exact locations on my web site as it is constantly moves forwards.

These are just three of the reasons I feel owning my own blog and site is important. Yes, it’s hard work, especially in the beginning, however, I believe if you persevere the long term advantages will be well worth the effort.

Apart from these reasons, the other big reason for me is Time, we would all love more of that, right? I feel doing what I do best and inspiring you all in the process is far more important.

All my usual contact channels are good, for now, however, stay tuned for an important announcement in my post next week.

Web Site News

Ongoing enhancements to existing site and preparation of new material is my ongoing priority. If there is a topic you’d love to read about, shout me and I’ll consider adding it to a forthcoming post.

Book News

Progress has been a little slower this week due to work on a smaller, however just as inspirational pieces of writing soon to be in second draft, however, progress is progress right? I feel, if I am going to achieve something, I will aim to achieve the task to the very best of my abilities. With this in mind, I’ve spent time editing, reading, checking then re-editing. Personally, I would rather have one piece of writing perfect, before moving on to the next, wouldn’t you agree? Onward and upwards as they say. Keep reaching for your goals.

Television News

If you live in the United Kingdom and watched “Malpractice”, what are your thoughts?

Until next week!

What are your goals?

Oh! Just before I head off, what are your this weeks goals?

Post for 15 to 21 May

What are your thoughts on the phrase “Time Flies When You Are Having Fun”? Me, I think it is correct as I’ve no idea where last week flew to!

If I was to sum up, I would say, a hectic, however, pleasant week bringing together a multitude of inspirational projects culminating in an action packed and enjoyable weekend. For a more detailed version do read on.

Pet Project News

Ah, the elephant in the room I hear you say, and you would be correct. This is the project Baldi thought was smallish….. two weeks later…….yeah right! However, I’m very nearly there (literally only a handful of pages left to edit), then I’ll be back immersing myself in book editing. If you ask me today, if I will include this project in my overall Book offering, my answer would be, I certainly hope so, however…

Web Site News

Are you sat comfortably? Lots of continuously moving forwards, however, here are some of the major inspirational bits I’ve been working on.

Optimised for Phones and Mobile devices. Sorry desktops!! I still love you, and will never leave you out, however, times are changing.

Complies with more internet accessibility standards. For example, the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), that’s one of the layers behind the site, now complies with W3C CSS standards. This basically means my site is more accessible.

Faster page load times and easier reading of text, thanks to an optimised layout, except the front or index page, which I will be working on this coming week.

Addition of new and inspirational images for May blog page with many more to follow.

Home of Amonn AL-Mahrouq on the Web

Thank you for pointing out spelling mistakes, I’m please to say, these have all now been corrected and uploaded. If you find more, do shout me, I don’t byte, honest! and I’ll correct in a future update, thanks.

Some of you are interested in my future website plans (yes, it is true, I’ve had more than one site over the years) however, let me say, I feel this domain is very much here to say as it….oh, you’ll see why in the future. Let me say I’m only just getting started, so, be sure to bookmark Amonn Al-Mahrouq's Home on The Web and check back frequently for more exciting and inspirational updates. Don’t be afraid to let me know your thoughts on what you think I should include in future blog posts and or on the site in general as I’m always willing and interested to listen to your ideas and comments, thanks.

Local News

Shout me if you love local, fresh meat and vegetables. A trip to my local market is always appreciated, just wish it could be weekly.

Our Local Farmers Market

What have you achieved this week to inspire yourself, your family and others and what have you planned for your coming week? Do message me. Whatever you have planned I wish you the very best.

Just before I sign off, people have been asking if I have an “E-Mail List”, which is an interesting question. Personally, I am in two minds about this and would appreciate if you could let me know if this is something of interest to you? If we are not friends on Facebook, just search Amonn AL-Mahrouq and add me, alternatively send me a text / Viber / What’s App / Telegram message.

Thanks for reading and inspiring me!

Post for 8 to 14 May

What a hectic week, from Piano, to Figure Skating, to Writing, it’s all here.

Amonn AL Mahrouq in Manchester asking what are your this weeks goals?

It’s finally happening! My today blog post signals a transition away from some Social Media sites, effectively making everything easier for you to access.

Don’t worry though, I’m still around on:




although, I am looking to merge all communication channels into one in the not too distant future.

What's the reason Baldi, I hear you ask?

In short


There is so much I want to inspire you with,

from my forthcoming Book,

to other projects currently taking a back seat.

I’m sure you would all agree, it’s far more efficient to update one or two sites, rather than a multitude.

Stay tuned to Baldi's Inspirational News for a future post informing you of the Social Sites I’ll be closing.

Piano News:

Lots of practice achieved on older repertoire, especially in terms of speeding them up.

Piano news for May 2023

I love exploring new and contemporary Piano repertoire and am currently enjoying learning Snow, Moon and Flowers by Peter Sculthorpe.

Figure Skating News:

Although, I’m only at the Rink on a weekly basis, I feel so much good progress has been made and of course lots of catching up with my Rink Family.

My current goal is to improve and refine my overall Figure Skating Skills, however, am planning future motivating events to inspire you with, stay tuned to Baldi's Inspirational News to find out more.

Reading News:

On the subject of inspiration, I am currently enjoying reading:

The Last Place On Earth, The Race To The South Pole written by Ronald Huntford

which I can highly recommend.

Writing News:

So much good progress, where to begin....

Pet Project News:

All I'll say for now is it is simmering nicely, however, not quite there yet.

Book News:

Forthcoming book news

First draft now complete.


All writing is currently paused until both my forthcoming book and pet project are finalised into First Drafts.

Stay tuned for more inspiring content!

Which leaves me asking what goals have you planned for your forthcoming week?

A fork in the road asking where are you head this week?

Where are you headed? What will you achieve? Do let me know.

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