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Inspirational Blog Posts For June 2023

Post for 26 to 30 June


Music Tutorials progressing nicely. Currently I’m progressing through all my short form writing locating and lifting out Tutorial related things to add and cross reference with Tutorials.

In regards to Medical Book, I’ve not yet begun editing this volume, however, when I do I am bound to find a lot more to add and cross reference in Tutorials.

Web Site News

Found and fixed bugs May and June blog pages, ensuring faster loading and more compatibility.

Piano News

Enjoying learning “Lullaby” (For Edna Hornbryce) composed by Raymond Yiu.

Audio Book News

Can recommend “Stealing Fire - How Silicon Valley, the Navy Seals and Maverick Scientists are Revolutionising the Way We Live and Work” written by Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal.

Garden News

Enjoyed our first crop of

Delicious home grown strawberries as of June 2023

Very tasty! Looking forward for more to ripen.

Tomatoes cooking nicely

Home grown Tomatoes as of June 2023

Latest Challenge

Which leaves me asking, what have you set for your July goals?

What are you goals for July 2023

Post for 19 to 25 June

Audio Book News


“The Art of Impossible, A Peak Performance Primer” by Steven Kotler,


"The Rise of Superman - Decoding The Science Of Ultimate Human Performance" by Steven Kotler.

Physical Book News

Almost completed reading:

The Last Place On Earth, The Race To The South Pole written by Ronald Huntford

Book News

Printed lots of information to read after completion of Tutorials relating to Early Medical section.

Tutorials News

Lots achieved on “Music Tutorials”, all coming together nicely, however, lots still to draft.

"Saxophone Tutorial" draft complete.

Web Site News

Better layout of previous blogs making reading more efficient.

Piano News

The more I study and learn “Lullaby” (For Edna Hornbryce) composed by Raymond Yiu, the more I am enjoying it and looking forward to adding it to my concert repertoire.

Other News

Lovely catching up with

Poppy enjoying her swim in the sea

Poppy and her human, my Cousin, Layth

Poppy and her humans enjoying looking round Petersfield

in Petersfield. If you are after a bite to eat, we recommend “The Five Bells” in Buriton, a stones throw away.

Whilst exploring

Buriton with my Cousin, Layth and Poppy, June 2023

Buriton, we came across

Buriton Book Swap Phone Booth, June 2023

this inspirational "Book Sharing Phone Booth".

On our return

Poppy swimming in thee sea, June 2023

Poppy very much enjoyed her swim in the sea.

Leaving me to ask, what have you achieved this week to inspire yourself, your family and others and what have you planned for your coming week? Whatever you do have planned I wish you the very best.

Blog post for 12 - 18 June

Another beautiful  rose to inspire your June 2023

Book News

Major developments include:

Completed sorting out all writing into subjects.

"Music and Saxophone" Tutorials much updated with relevant information from other articles.

Some Music and General writing has been merged into C.V and musical tutorials. This forms my current focus and ongoing work for the next few weeks.

I feel excited to see so much progress over the last few months, will update you on even more progress next week as lots of sorting and editing still to be achieved. To use a cliche, I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

Audio Book News

Completed listening to and can recommend “EMail Marketing Demystified, Second Edition”, written by Matthew Paulson, if E-Mail is your thing. Currently, I am listening to “The Rise Of Superman - Decoding The Science Of Ultimate Human Performance”, written by Steven Kotler, will update you once completed.

Web Site News

Thanks to the person for pointing out a glaringly obvious spelling mistake, now corrected and all pages spell checked.

As I’m so much further down the path of completing my forthcoming books project, I have started looking into various web technologies for potential distribution and will update you once I’ve more news.

I’m constantly updating this site to be as bug free, fast and efficient as possible, if you come across any bugs, feel free to shout - thanks!

Also this week, I’ve simplified blogs access by adding them in date order to the index of the first page which I feel not only improves navigation, but also speeds up your experience.

General News

Part of our crop of 2023 tomatoes

Impressive, don’t you think?

Other News

Always a favourite of mine attend our local Farmers Market as I love the smell of fresh produce and browsing such wonderful delights.

June 2023 Farmers Market

Be safe, keep inspiring your nearest and dearest - until next week!

Post for 5 - 11 June

Another beautiful  rose to inspire your June 2023

Social Media News

Monday 3rd July, 2023 will see the closure of my LinkedIn account. If you’d like to keep in touch, do message me your email address and I look forward to inspiring each other in our futures.

I feel as I move forward with plans for 2023, this is a necessary step as this will free up more time for:

Piano practice and performances.

Writing inspiring Blog Posts, Guest Posts, Tutorials and Books.

Figure Skating practice, performances, tests and exercise.

Developing this website to inspire you.

I will still be available via e-mail, Viber, Telegram and look forward to keeping in touch with you all, albeit via a different channel.

I believe by concentrating my efforts on my web site and your individual messages, all our lives will be more efficient as relevant information will:

Be available quicker


in one and only one place,

which avoids any confusion.

Music News

Just begun learning “Lullaby”, (For Edna Trident Hornbryce), composed by Raymond Yiu. My initial thoughts are, what an inspiring piece of music, complex yes, different yes, however, well worth spending time learning and adding to your repertoire list.

Having lots of fun learning “Flowers”, from “Snow, Moon and Flowers” composed by Peter Sculthorpe.

Figure Skating News

Recent change of day appears to be working well as this allows for more practice. This week saw enjoyable lessons, the addition of exciting new technique, and Rink Social time. Always lovely catching up with friends you’ve not seen in a while, isn’t it?

Book News

After reading notes, research, and putting like with like, today will see my begin to edit all my “Short Stories”. These are formed from life experiences, maybe they form a book, or possibly they form the basis for longer form blog posts, time will tell. Once completed I’ll move to begin the second round of “Book” editing. So far, everything looks to be taking shape nicely! What have you recently achieved to inspire yourself and your family?

Other Inspiring News

Great to meet and catch up with my Cousin over an enjoyable meal in local Tavern.

Thanks for reading and inspiring me! Until next week.

Post for 01 to 04 June

Welcome June and summer sun!

A red rose to inspire your June 2023

What did you achieve in May and have you set your goals for June?

As for me, indeed, I do, lots of them! But that’ would be telling, wouldn’t it. Lets just say, I’m planning:

Expanding this website,


Continuing with Book editing. Currently I’m working on an updated "Table of Contents" and sorting through notes.

Things I’ve achieved so far this month:

Pet project News

Everything is complete in second draft format. I know I’ve kept quiet about my pet project, let me explain.

Not one, but two smaller projects under one roof. The roof being “Tutorials”, the smaller projects contained within being “Music”, and “Saxophone” tutorials.

Book Project News

Completing my Pet Project in second draft allows me to forge ahead with my Book project, which is now full steam ahead. Currently, I’m reading old notes and articles in order to create a “Master” Table of Contents. As soon as I’ve completed this, I’ll be looking a chapter placement and begin to sort things appropriately. Let the fun and mayhem begin!

Technology News

I’ve finally taken the plunge and gone all in on the “Apple One” subscription. Currently, I am enjoying my “trial”, and am pleased to say the additional storage has already been greatly appreciated.

Other useful plus points are:

The seamless integration with Apple’s Ecosystem, if you are all Apple,


The convenience of everything being located, stored and accessible “Under One Roof”.

Audio Book News

Currently listen to and enjoying “The Art of Impossible, A Peak Performance Primer” written by Steven Kotler

Created by The Red Awrrows Display team asking, what is your impossible mission to accomplish this week?

Photo taken during an air display performed by "The Red Arrows".

Lastly, whatever you have set for your goals this week, I wish you all the very best

Thanks for reading and inspiring me, until next week!

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