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Inspirational Blog Posts For July 2023

From 24 to 31 July

Piano News

Very much enjoying revising “Selling Sundry Goods”, composed by P.Chen and “ “Flood Time” composed by E. Thiman, both of which I began learning shortly before I broke my thumb a few years ago. At first, I wasn’t sure how my thumb would cope, however, I’ve only had to slightly amend my technique in order to add these inspiring pieces to my repertoire list and am loving my Piano playing.

Audio Book News

Begun listening to a physical book I read years ago, written by N.Gaiman, titled “Norse Mythology” and was immediately struck by the vast difference between listen and reading. 2 very different sides of the same coin, aren’t they? I remember enjoying this inspiring book when I read it, however, I feel listening provides a completely different slant. My thoughts are if you’ve not read or listened to this informative, well written and researched book and are interested in “Norse Mythology”, then go grab a copy or listen and prepare to be inspired.

Tutorials News

My this week’s plans consisted of reading prose I’ve already written in search of nuggets of valuable information to place in my tutorials and moving of items to their proper location. Have begun printing and breaking up other written sections in various places to form complete tutorials, leaving only Medical information for my actual book. Lots of work to to completed, however, lots of work still to be achieved, am loving the challenge. Once complete, I will go through the index page of what’s left of Medical Book and add relevant chapters as necessary.

Figure Skating News

Sadly due to our line being closed this week for planned engineering work, there is nothing to report in this section. Please move on to my next category of inspiring news, thanks!

Garden News


Amonn AL Mahrouq's first red Tomatoe of 2023

Exciting times, looking great, eh!

General News

Very much enjoyed an express, efficient and pleasant service to the Isle of Wight on “Wight Links” “Fast Cat”. Unfortunately couldn’t take

Amonn AL Mahrouq's trip to the Isle of Wight, August 2023

Hovercraft as weather was a little windy, preventing services from running. Also sadly my planned returned journey was too late in the evening, fortunately it’s only a twenty two minute crossing.

However, enjoyed a lovely walk along the historic

Amonn AL Mahrouq's trip to the Isle of Wight, August 2023

Ryde Pier.

Really enjoyable walk around Ryde Town, glad I packed a light rain coast!

Amonn AL Mahrouq's walking around Ryde Town on the Isle of Wight, August 2023

Enjoyed great food

Amonn AL Mahrouq's Pizza in Ryde Town on the Isle of Wight, August 2023

and catch up with Cousin.

Another great aspect of the Isle of Wight is they have their own

Amonn AL Mahrouq's photo of the Island Line  in Ryde Town on the Isle of Wight, August 2023

Train service, which makes getting around the Island so much easier and more pleasurable.

All in all a lovely evening, walked just over 7 miles, which reminds me, what exercises do you enjoy?

Leaving me to ask, what have you achieved this week to inspire yourself, your family and others and what have you planned for your coming week? Do message me. Whatever you have planned I wish you the very best.

Post for 17 - 23 July

Book and Tutorials News

Continued work towards completion of current “Music Tutorials” draft. Piles of paper are definitely decreasing, a good sign for my “Tutorials” projects. Lots of work to be achieved still here, before moving to edit book. Stay tuned.

Piano News

Enjoyable Piano lesson, lots of exciting work to be achieved! However, this week saw continued work to speed up “Carousel”, composed by S.Bodorova. “Lullaby (For Edna Hornbryce) composed by R.Yiu, early days for this piece, however, I feel I now have all the notes under my belt and am looking at beginning to speed this piece up soon. “Snow, Moon and Flowers”, composed by P.Sculthopre also all notes now under my fingers am a looking at speeding up the last movement over the forthcoming weeks. A good weeks progress, me thinks…onwards and upwards!

Garden News

Lots of rain was enjoyed by our Garden. Finally

Amonn AL Mahrouq's first Tomatoes of 2023

Tomatoes beginning to turn red.

Lovely to see plenty of

Alwasy a home for nature in my, Amonn AL Mahrouq's garden

working hard in our garden.

General News

Visited “Stoke Park Gardens”, next to “Guildford College”

Stoke Park Gardens, Guildford, photo taken by Amonn AL Mahrouq

very cool, well worth a visit, especially if you are like me, a lover of nature.

Cool seeing "Stoke Park", also has a,

Stoke Park Gardens, Guildford, photo taken by Amonn AL Mahrouq

Skate Board Park. Attended a

A family friends Birthday party Cake, photo taken by Amonn AL Mahrouq

Birthday party, enjoyed company and lots of

More images from a family friends Birthday party, photo taken by Amonn AL Mahrouq

lovely Italian food.

Achieved lots of clearning up enabling me to re-use space.

and finally,

Enjoyed a surprise visit from a long-time no see person.

Figure Skating News

Short lesson this week due to industrial action again on our railways, however, highly focused and I’m pleased to report I’m well on my way to taking my “Level 2 Skills Test”.

Leaving me to ask, what have you achieved this week to inspire yourself, your family and others

More images from a family friends Birthday party, photo taken by Amonn AL Mahrouq

Post for 10 - 16 July

Book and Tutorials News

Despite not having a printer, much progress was achieved. Everything simmering away nicely, however, many piles of papers remaining on my desk awaiting sorting, filing and to be drafted.

General News

Rest In Peace

Amonn AL Mahrouq's old faithful Canon inkjet printer

Thank you so much for your valued services.


Amonn AL Mahrouq's old faithful Canon inkject printer

Looking forward to our adventures.

Reading news

Just begun,

Ancient Egypt Myth and History Book

“Ancient Egypt Myth and History", Geddes and Grosset. I love delving into and finding out about our past, don’t you?

Figure Skating News

This week saw the beginning of serious practice for my forthcoming “Level 2 Skills” Test, although just how much I’ll be able to attend the Rink in the next few weeks I’m not sure due to line closures and overtime bans.

Piano News

All pieces currently cooking nicely. Am continuing to practice all current repertoire and enjoying Piano life.

Leaving me to ask,

An unfinnished puzzle of our psolar system asking what are you working on?

What are you working on this week to inspire yourself and your family?

Do message me. Whatever you have planned I wish you the very best.

Post for 1 - 9 July

Tutorials News

Lots of great progress on Tutorials. This week I have continued to read old notes, print relevant sections for inclusion, combine all relevant subjects together and continue to edit new materials. Not there yet, however, very much getting there.

Piano News

Continuing to learn “Lullaby” (For Edna Hornbryce) composed by Raymond Yiu and very much enjoying practicing older repertoire.

Reading News

Finally completed

The Last Place On Earth, The Race To The South Pole written by Ronald Huntford

Scott And Amundsen, Their Race To The South Pole” - “The Last Place On Earth”, written by R.Huntford with introduction by P.Theroux. Thoroughly enjoyable book! Well researched, written in a straightforward and approachable manner for everyone to be inspired by. Certainly, it’’s not the shortest, however, I feel this book reflects their expeditions in detail allowing me to be drawn into their world, understand exactly what they went though and be inspired by their courage, fortitude and ability to survive and improvise when needed. Definitely recommended to you all.

Figure Skating News

The dreaded train strikes, however, thankfully managed to change my Figure Skating lesson and practice session day to avoid the impact, as a result enjoyed my lesson, practice and catching up with everyone. Have decided on and began working towards achieving my “Level 2 Skills Test”.

Garden News

These beauties

A branch of Green tomatoes, soon to ripen

are progressing nicely. Am very much looking forward to them ripening soon.

Newly arrived

New plants species for our garden

So beautiful, don’t you agree?

Other News

Have you visited

The inspirational Stoke Park, Guildford

If you’ve not, it’s well worth a visit.

Stoke Park, Guildford, photo taken from garden centre side

So much inspiration in nature, don’t you think?

Leaving me to ask, what have you achieved to inspire yourself, your family and others

What will you be working on this week?

and what are you planning for this week? Do message me. Whatever you have planned I wish you the very best.

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